Case Study: JGC and MODS

JGC partnered with software-as-a-service provider MODS to reduce capital expenditure through digital transformation of their construction execution business. This partnership began 2016 with the onboarding of MODS’s industrial software solutions.

A turning point in this relationship came with JGC’s LNGC Canada project, one of the biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in the world at the time, which started in 2019. MODS-JGC soon progressed into a full-time partnership with JGC becoming major shareholders of MODS in October 2020.

The fully customizable and agile MODS Origin — created specifically for complex large-scale new builds — transitioned JGC from paper-based to paperless construction execution systems, skyrocketing efficiencies and slashing capital expenditure.

The Problem: Untenable Project Costs

Capital expenditure of JGC’s construction execution accounts for half of their total project costs. JGC’s existing construction management system relied on paper-based processes and manual data entry for work packs, which resulted in projects consistently running over time and over budget.

The five issues that JGC sought to address through their digital transformation journey were:

  1. To reduce cost overruns and project delays through a paper-to-digital transformation.
  2. To increase productivity and minimize lost time through digital work packaging solutions and optimal allocation of resources.
  3. To integrate with and enhance the efficacy of their existing in-house construction management system through removing manual processes.
  4. To ensure transparency through making all project phases of their construction management (from planning and commissioning through to handover) visible, through cloud-based quality-assured data and information.
  5. To support an agile future and to continue to develop MODS Origin in partnership with MODS, enabling remote oversight of all phases of their construction execution projects, ultimately with advanced tools including Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Source: MODS Energy Industry Blog

With a vision to go paperless, JGC undertook a piecemeal digital transformation approach that revolved in large part around digital advanced work packaging (AWP).

JGC chose MODS as a partner in their digital transformation journey. Check out the original blog for insights of solutions and benefits JGC got.

This article first appeared on MODS Energy Industry Blog

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