Next-gen Tool for Asset Visualization

We are proud to have released the new version of MODS Reality™, one of the newest offerings to be launched in 2021, upgraded with additional functionality due to positive market feedback. MODS Reality 2.0 is a next-generation tool for managing Energy Sector assets’ visualization data. This software can significantly increase ROI for our customers utilizing their imagery data, therefore mitigating safety and financial risk during fabrication, engineering, construction, and maintenance tasks.

With MODS Reality, you can view your assets and project’s real visual status, on your computer and on mobile devices. A current and accurate view of the project site provides improved project control and transparency, leading to a smooth workflow, with safety- and cost-critical issues identified far in advance.

Jon Bell CEO of MODS:

“This solution empowers Owner Operators, Contractors, Surveyors, Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Construction departments through immersive 360-degree site visits from anywhere in the world. We are a specialist software company serving the Energy Sector. MODS Reality manages your assets’ visualization data to digitally transform how your projects are planned, controlled, and executed safely, on time, and within budget at a very economical price offering”

Greater Control and Predictability

As a web-based 3D, point cloud, and photographic imagery management software, MODS Reality offers greater control and predictability from your desktop cloud-based software or via our App. This solution empowers Owner Operators, Contractors, Surveyors, Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Construction departments through immersive 360-degree site visits from anywhere in the world.

Matthew Bell Director of EMEA Operations and lead in delivering this project:

“There are so many avoidable costs when talking of wasted manhours, delays, slow paper-based processes, which can soon add up into the millions when projects lack visualization, transparency, are paper-based and labor-intensive. MODS Reality offers a Project visualization solution which can deliver real value on your project and help realize the budget-saving changes vital to sustaining economic viability.”

Features and benefits of MODS Reality

MODS Reality is a visualization tool that provides remote access to stakeholders and contractors in an extended organization. An accurate and up-to-date view of an asset’s condition and project status, accessible anywhere in the world, is vital to Owners/Operators. A robust project tracking and scheduling system, along with 3D visuals, photographic imagery, and access to CCTV cameras provide full project control for EPC Contractors.

Check out benefits that are reported by our clients:

  • Improved safety and sustainability through increased awareness, fewer site visits better analysis and mitigation of avoidable risks
  • Transparency between operators, contractors, stakeholders, and project team improving collaboration and understanding of real-time issues
  • Error elimination using data sharing and automation
  • Advanced definition of scopes and estimate compilation, using linked documents, visuals, and auto-population
  • Alert and status notifications notifying technical issues, approvals and image sharing requests
  • Customizable Report generator with revision control for a digital, paperless process

Non-digital processes relying on high manual intervention levels are expensive and inevitably lead to errors causing safety issues, increased costs, and delays. MODS Reality provides complete clarity of workflow, an optimized full 360-degree view of your project status.

MODS Reality is a standalone solution that can also be integrated into the MODS Connect suite of products, such as MODS Work Pack, MODS Materials Manager, MODS Joint Integrity, and MODS Completions. Through one single source of truth, MODS Reality is a versatile, independent and collaborative visualization tool that helps system users make faster and more informed decisions. MODS Reality links directly to MODS Origin, our Greenfield project management software.

Get in touch with us for a presentation on how MODS Reality can help your organization.

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